Tuesday, 5 April 2011

to make this blog more alive....

... i thought i will write a bit about how we designers experience our brand.
We just started off half a year ago with the goal to build out brand from the very bottom. So basically it is only two of us, our tools and our knowledge. No employees yet we can boss around or who we can let do the dirty work....
Thus we feel we are still progressing very slow.... too slow! Especially since my pregnancy made me rest a lot and I had to let my friend work alone - and damn! all these hormones can make u work sooo slow and lazy! But soon it all will be normal and I can focus... and our brand hopefully - with your help definitely!!- will become even better.
When you design the cloth and you think about concept, fabrics and colors you are always so curious about how it actually will look like. When you then hold the samples in your hands and you actually like them you start to be sooo curious about how the crowd will like them. And then you hang them in the shop... and the hardest things starts: waiting...... waiting for the month to end to know what has been sold and what not. To be so disappointed when it didn't go too well , to doubt ones work and to figure how we can make it better. To be so happy on the other hand when a style has been sold out, celebrating that what we have created was a success.
And then there is this whole thing how you can make people get to know your brand... but I hope that you reader can help us.
Sometimes I wonder whether our concept using only natural fabrics can manifest here in Indonesia. Whether the people are aware enough to support us designer and to appreciate our work. But I have to say, so far we are doing good... better than I have expected. I just hope that people will appreciate our nature more and will involve it in their lifestyles.